Features Overview

News, Announcements, and Events

The News, Announcements, and Events section features property specific information, that provide your guests and tenants current and relevant facts about your property. Display lobby activities, building construction, property closures, etc. and other correspondence you consider important.

About Our Facility

About Our Facility is the portion of your homepage that can be customized with interesting facts, historical data or any other information the property management and/or owners wish to make available to the public.

Facility Directory

The Facility Directory is a convenient tool for Property Management and Tenants. Locate telephone numbers and suite numbers quickly.

Contacting Facility Staff / Marketing

Users and visitors can communicate with Property Management staff by selecting the Contact Us link. Potential tenants can contact property management via the Contact Us link. Additional features include a link to the owner and/or property management company and a marketing link. Use this tool to provide available space information to prospective tenants.

Reserving Amenities & Registering Visitors

Tenants and Management Staff can reserve amenities such as conference rooms, freight elevators or loading docks, on-line. Reservations are then monitored and administered by Property Management Staff. Tenants can pre-register visitors to the building via the Internet. Management and Building Security personnel instantly access visitor registration information.

Document Manager & Reports

Use the Document Manager to store and share lease contacts, photos, manuals, emergency procedures and other important documents. PropertyLogic provides a reporting system to include Management Reports such as, Billable Reports, Invoice Reports, Work Order Reports, and Preventative Maintenance Reports.

Service Requests & Preventive Maintenance

The PropertyLogic Work Order and PM system offers tenant submitted service requests, billing capabilities, e-mail updates and notifications to tenants and Property Management Staff, on-line management of PM maintenance schedules and wireless communication between engineers, vendors and the Work Order system.